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The exterior part of your house is made up of many layers that work together. The siding or cladding, which make up the outer layer is the most visible layer aesthetically and also the part that is your home or businesss’ first line of defense against the elements.  Much care needs to go into the selection of your finish material and there are many choices today, each with pros and cons.   One such material that has stood the test of time is stucco; it’s durable, beautiful and very good at withstanding whatever nature can throw its way.

Stucco weathers very well in the Arkansas climate and can be a beautiful option for your finish material.  Stucco exteriors also add flexibility to your projects as it is possible to create curvilinear shapes where other materials like brick and stone can not.   Another unique attribute is that the final finish coat can be tinted to achieve a variety of colors and pliable enough to make smooth, textured or highly decorative walls.

When hope that you will remember us when you think Stucco Arkansas as we pride ourselves in creating lasting creations for our clients.

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A lot of the benefits of traditional concrete stucco come in wetter climates where rain occurs frequently.  The Arkansas climate is one that although not considered tropical, we can get substantial rain totals for longer periods of time.  It is preferred to use traditional stucco in these climates because it is  less likely to absorb water, be damaged by that absorbed water and is therefore superior to a synthetic stucco siding. Traditional stucco is alo heavier than synthetic stucco making it a preference to hold up better to dings, hail, and even woodpeckers. Although EIFS is overall more energy efficient due to its layers of additional insulation, it is only by a small margin. Whichever you choose you can rest assured that they will be fire resistant, a great barrier to noise and the elements, and both are available in a variety of textures and colors.

A common misconception about stucco is that it is more expensive.   In all actuality, EIFS is slightly more expensive due to additional material and installation costs, even though the difference in cost is minimal. Benefits of each system are best weighed, for instance if you live by a golf course, traditional stucco will serve you better. You can’t go wrong with either choice and we are here to be your stucco contractor Fort Smith or wherever you hang your hat.

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    What about RE-STUCCO?

    Re-Stucco is the process of enhancing an outdated stucco system that has not been well maintained. We assess your walls and exteriors to determine the best approach for bringing your property back to a vibrant luster.   At times we can re-apply the final finish layer of stucco and give you a “brand new” look.  Other times we have to remove all or a large portion of the original stucco system. Whiher is the appropriate apprach we will proudly make your property stand out.

    We are your stucco contractor Northwest AR and you can llook to us for any stucco need.   No repair project is too small or large. If you have made up your mind to improve the look of your homes’ exterior or interior and are curious about what it would cost, please do not hesitate to contact us now to start planning your stucco project. Sometimes you inherit a home and sometimes you just a subject to a natural disaster, whatever the need we are here to assist you with your stucco repair or re-stucco.


    Stucco is one of the most durable finish wall surface options. However, due to rigid properties it can develop holes and cracks due to settling and damage from impact. After a crack or hole presents itself, it is imperative to repair it immediately to prevent any further damage and water penetration. Proper crack preparation is essential to achieving a favorable result. You should always consider hiring an experienced stucco repair specialist to fix & seal cracks in your stucco finish system.

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    Damaged stucco can often be a leading cause of water damage to home or business. Open cracks and holes in your stucco finish  leave your structure exposed to harsh weather conditions.  Rain and humidity and often lead to moisture penetrating into your walls. At ths point, unwanted bacteria, mold and mildew will begin to grow behind your walls before you ever know iut is occurring.  This can lead to health issues for building occupants and sometimes costly repairs.  Martin’s Plastering & Stucco Corp can assist you in making these repairs and mitigate water damage that you would otherwise incur.  Contact us immediately to discuss proper installation and weatherproofing for your damaged walls.

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    If you are planning to use stucco for your business improvement upgrades, you need to work with experts!

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