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    Many people do not understand how adversly impactful that mold can be on our health. Our teams of trained personnel have experience in the careful assessment, discovery and comprehensive treatment of a mold infestation and can restore your home or business back to safety.

    Give our mold removal team a call.  Hesitation could mean a lot to your health or that of your loved ones.


    We Can Handle Your Mold Removal From Start To Finish


    Symptoms of mold exposure vary greatly and are somewhat dependant on how vulnerable a person’s immune system is.  While some people can tolerate mold exposure, others may may experience a mold allergy or even mold toxicity.

    Mold allergies are the result of inhaling mold spores whereas mold toxicity causes a chronic inflammatory response from the toxic vapors released by mold. A mold allergy may manifest itself through a variety of different symptoms, including sneezing, coughing or watery or itchy eyes. People with asthma may also be especially sensitive, suffering from wheezing or coughing. Mold toxicity may produce a number of symptoms including headaches, shortness of breath, sensitivity to light, fatigue and muscle cramps, to name a few.

    Much of peoples fear of mold center around what is referred to as “black mold.” This species of mold, is black or green in color and called Stachybotrys chartarum. There are certain species of this “black mold” which can release toxins.  These toxins, in high concentrations are what make some people susceptible to mold poisoning, causing symptoms of coughing, wheezing and itchy, watery eyes on up to more serious symptoms like headaches, exhaustion, sinusitis and such.  Those with a chronic illness such as asthma can experience even more severe symptoms.

    Treating and removing all molds in you home or office in a timely manner is the best way to keep those you love and care for safe and healthy.  If you suspect or see the presence of mold, call us right away and we will schedule a time to determine if mold is present in your home or business.

    Exposure to moderate or severely mold growth my cause the following health problems:
    ⦁ Allergy skin reactions
    ⦁ Respiratory problems such as congested sinuses, blocked or runny nose, sneezing, irritation of the throat, and difficulty breathing.
    ⦁ Worse of asthma attacks
    ⦁ Increased chances of developing a fungal infection

    Martin’s Plastering and Stucco Corp in Springdale, Arkansas, will send qualified mold removal experts to detect and eliminate all mold-related issues, including the notorious Black Mold. 

    We have expert mold removal teams for mold removal Fayetteville, AR; mold removal Springdale, AR; mold removal Rogers, AR and mold removal Northwest AR.

    How Do you Prevent A Mold Problem?

    There are a number of mold prevention tips that you as a home or business owner should take on a regular basis.  Pay attention and be aware of what is occurring at your building, repairing any leaks in pipes or the structure of the building as soon as possible.  Keep an eye out for wet spots or moisture problems, dehumidify the air, and provide positive drainage away from the buildings foundations. When you do find a water problem, remove all wet items at once and clean all exposed surfaces with disinfectants specific for mold-killing. Areas of wet drywall, ceiling tiles and carpeting may have to be replaced if not dried out immediately.  Utilizing industrial drying fans and dehumidifiers will assist in drying out the building materials and speed moisture evaporation.

    As soon as possible, identify the cause of the moisture and take preventive actions like repairing leaking plumbing systems, windows and roofs to prevent mold from growing in the future. 

    If you suspect mold in your building or home, contact Martin’s Plastering & Stucco  Corp to schedule a test for mold, and begin the critical task of removing it.

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