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    YOUR Structure... is OUR Canvas

    Offering years of commitment to nothing less than quality, service and excellence. At Martin’s Plastering & Stucco Corp, your structure is our canvas.

    We can create your masterpiece and make it stand out well above the rest! Our specialty installations include: 100% real concrete stucco; EIFS; various siding types, brick veneer and stone veneer as well as installing fluid applied weather barriers. We also can manage your construction project from concept to finish and we strive to be your one stop for all construction needs.

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    ...Some things to remember:

    Low quotes historically are not the best quotes. Make sure your contractor is has a good track record of performance, quality workmanship and professionalism.

    Checking that your contractor has a license and proper insurance is the best way to ensure that your project is off to a good start!

    Services at a Glance


    The material which comprises of water, aggregates and a binder is used to decorate walls and ceilings in interior and exterior living spaces.


    EIFS helps your exterior walls to be continuously insulated, and water-resistant, while featuring a stocco-like finished surface in an integrated composite material system.

    Air & Moisture Barrier

    Vapor permeable air barriers are a great addition to your building as they work by hindering water from penetrating the wall assembly

    Siding Options

    Siding is one of the ways home owners can enhance the outside of a new residence or improve an old building with materials such as, stone, brick, cement, and metal.

    Mold Removal

    Mold is a common nuisance in most homes. It causes structural damage and possesses a severe health risk for those that live in infested homes. We can connect you with a team to tackle any infestation!


    Plastering involves covering of uneven surfaces or rough walls using plaster. The plastic material comprises cement concrete, sand and some water, which is applied on walls and ceilings.

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    Every Structure is a Masterpiece

    We take great pride in your project as it is a part of the beautification of our region.  For us, installing stucco Rogers AR is the same as installing stucco Fort Smith and everywhere in between.   Our projects take us all over the region and we want each project that we are a part of to perform well and make a lasting impression on the community that it is within.  The workmanship, care and expertise behind our projects is something that you can be confident in.

    So, whether you live in Rogers, Fort Smith, or Fayetteville, AR or anywhere in Northwest AR we have all your stucco needs covered. From new installation or stucco repairs, residential or commercial,  if your building has a stucco repair you can count on us.  

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    Offering over 25 years of commitment to excellent stucco repair Northwest AR, Martin’s Plastering & Stucco Corp sees every structure as our palette. We want to create your masterpiece and make it stand out!

    Even though traditional stucco in this region is not as commonplace as in some others, and knowing that some have had troubles with poor installations of synthetic stucco systems (from the late ’90’s) you can rest assured that the real concrete stucco that we install has a long history of flawlessly performing on both residential and commercial building types.  Nonetheless, if you have questions or are in need of stucco repair northwest AR, of any type, our team of professionals will work tirelessly to your satisfaction.

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      Why your Home and Business needs Martin’s Plastering and Stucco Corp

      Certified Craftsmen in Northwest AR

      We’re a family-owned construction company in Northwest Arkansas that can help you with all of your interior and exterior remodels and repairs.

      Every team member of Martin’s Plastering & Stucco Corp is considered “family”.
      Just like our work needs to be properly mixed and bonded together to give that beauty and sparkle that brings your home or business to life, our company has roots in our family. We have many years of skills handed down from generation to generation.

      We also offer Dumpster Rental for your junk removal or construction project.   Check out what our roll-off services with no hidden feels.

      With this many years of perfecting our art and craft, we at Martin’s Plastering & Stucco Corp will help you with all of your interior and exterior models, remodels and repairs.

      Take a look at all we can do for your and you home or business.

      Quality That You Can Trust – Fully Insured And Bonded

      We are fully insured, licensed and bonded (license number: 0172930320) for whatever your project requires.  Proud members of EIMA. Call us!

      Our licensed, insured and certified team goes the extra mile delivering quick, hassle-free stucco estimates, repairs and installation services. In addition to using state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, our team complies with all safety and building regulations to ensure quality results and a safe project site.

      We ARE the premier contractor for Stucco Northwest AR​

      It's All in the Details

      Getting your project handled by a professional team is the key to getting excellent results. Poor workmanship can compromise the quality of your structure. However, with our professional team, you do not have to worry about compromised quality. At Martin’s Plastering & Stucco Corp, customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do.

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      Why You Should Address
      Air and Water Intrusion

      Our expert team works to help owners avoid the problem of unregulated air leakage and water intrusion. The advantages you receive from taking these measures and using our services include:



      There have been stucco buildings around longer than most people think. Stucco originated with the Greek and Roman cultures in ancient times where they produced stucco surfaces to paint beautiful frescoes by combining gypsum, marble dust and glue.

      Stucco techniques were perfected by the Italians during the Renaissance period and spread across Europe, becoming one of the most popular construction materials. It was not until the late-1800s that the lime-based stucco was stopped by builders and masons in favor of the then newly famous Portland cement. This cement provided a harder, more durable material for stucco.

      In the 19th century, Stucco gained recognition in the United States and the term (Stucco) was widely used to describe exterior plastering at this time. Stucco gained a permanent foothold in american architecture when the Spanish Colonial Revival-style building type became very popular in the early 20th century and is even more popular today because of its proven durability, low maintenance requirements, natural resistance to the elements, minimal effect on our ecology, and fire-resistant characteristics.

      Give us a call today at Martin’s Plastering & Stucco Co. to enjoy the rich benefit of the historical richness and architectural mastery of Stucco exteriors and exteriors!

      Looking for Stucco Fort Smith, AR?  You found your expert

      Traditional concrete stucco has been used in the United States since the mid-1800s as plastering for both home interior and exterior walls and it is becoming more and more common around the United States today.  You will find traditional concrete stucco to be most common in states that are highly influenced by Spanish and Mexican architecture, because of its resemblance to Adobe. This includes California, of course, as well as Texas, Arizona, Florida, and New Mexico.  But it is a durable material for many regions in our country.

      Long ago, wealthy americans had the impression that stucco was a “poor man’s brick.” and thought of those who chose stucco as people who could not afford other traditional building materials. However, this misconception was shortsighted as stucco is being used to build some of the most stunning and spacious new homes and hotels in the world. Traditional concrete stucco gives buildings an Old World look while having huge advantages over other exterior finish options.

      You will see traditional concrete stucco all around you In Tuscan-style architecture, Spanish Mission architecture, Art Deco and homes and buildings built in the post modern era.  Stucco homes are prevalent across the United States and some homeowners prefer to use it because it gives the home a unique flair and is highly durable.

      Looking for Stucco Rogers, AR?  You found your expert!

      Serious transformations in Arkansas housing have been made throughout the history of the state. Changes to architectural style are evident in materials for scale, design, ornamentation and finishes have all been influenced by the nation’s shifting social, cultural and economic factors, which were reflected in the state.

      Over the years, settlers of Arkansas encountered a diverse climate, the wilderness, the industrial era, mass-prefabrication, the effects of wars both civil and world, urbanization and the Great Depression.   All of these are silent agents of change in housing styles.  Availability and cost of building materials has nearly always been affected by regional disparities in job opportunities throughout the state. World WAR II had another pervasive effect on the architectural character of the states housing, as post-war prosperity and suburbanization brought additional change.

      The use of modern home and commercial building exterior materials were a way for people to enhance, safeguard and embellish what was considered old and out of style. Every social and cultural influence throughout the history of Arkansas has added a layer to its architectural face either by recycling old buildings with new materials and additions or by adding a modern identity in newly developed areas using current or new styles. 

      Our Company continues to follow these trends and we continue to develop and strengthening ourselves with each step of architectural evolution.   We strive to position ourselves to help you achieve the best selection of finish for your home or commercial building, one with an exterior and interior that is both durable and reflects the style that you love. Call us today and get a quote for your stucco and re-stucco jobs today.

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      What to expect for your STUCCO REPAIR FAYETTEVILLE, AR

      Are you in Fayetteville and need repairs made to your stucco home or business?  If so, we are here to help.  Get same day quotes on most repair projects from one of our friendly, professional staff members.

      Planning and quality control are instrumental in the success of any stucco project. Our experienced team works hand in hand with general contractors and design professionals to tackle both small and large scale projects, devoting our time and attention to detail to save your time and money.

      We work closely with you to ensure that your stucco project is completed on time and most importantly on budget. We strive to present you with a realistic project completion schedule and budget and communicate with you through  every step of your stucco project.

      Our stucco repair services are available at competitive pricing, complete with valuable guidance and advice on how to keep it in long lasting condition.  We would love to assist you with your stucco repair Fayetteville, AR.

      What sets us apart as your STUCCO CONTRACTOR FAYETTEVILLE, AR

      Martin’s Plastering & Stucco Corp offers a comprehensive approach to stucco services.  We understand that your stucco systems isn’t merely made up of the multi-coat system of stucco but also includes air and moisture barriers and a good substrate.   That is why we also provide construction for these phases of work, offering you options for a complete stucco service without hiring additional trades.

      Our team can perform a thorough inspection of your property to create a realistic budget and timeline so that you know what to expect.  We will take care of you every step of the way.

      Our abilities include the application of quality products for base coats and finish coats as well as colors and textures. We can assist you in selecting the finish and color that complements your property’s style. And you can rest assured that our high quality stucco products come with a warranty.

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