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Options for the exterior of your home

There are many options to consider when choosing the  material for the exterior of your home.  Materials such as stone veneer and brick veneer are highly durable, long lasting and have a timeless beauty to them.  Brick and stone have many considerations just amoung themselve as they are available in thin units, natural and manufactured as well as having a nearly endless selection of colors and textures.  Exterior siding materials are just as plentiful.   Siding is available in painted metal, painted aluminum, vinyl, softwoods, cedar, and a manufactured product in fiber cement siding.   Each material has its’ own valuable properties for durability, low-maintenance, longevity and even fire resistance.

Martin’s Plastering & Stucco Corp is here to help you choose the right product for your budget and style, and we take care of every part of the construction process, whether replacing an existing exterior material or installing it  for the first time.   We would love to discuss your project today.


Making Your Home or Business Look Beautiful is our business

Your home or business’ exterior is as important as it’s interior and should be protected at all times. Siding is one way to enhance the outside of your new home or business or even enhance the beauty of an existing one. We have an array of siding options available for you and make it easy to choose the most suitable, pocket-friendly one as possible.
Below you will find some of the most common siding types to help you with your selection.  Our siding Fayetteville AR contractors can handle every aspect of your project. 

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    So what is Fiber Cement siding and why should I use it?  Fiber cement is made up of a few simple ingredients: Portland cement, water, sand and cellulose fibers. Each manufacturer changes the composition slightly and some add in other special additives that enhance the performance of the product. Fiber cement siding is low maintenance siding, fire retardant, durable and can be used on both residential and commercial projects.  It is available in a variety of textures, styles and colors plus it is paintable.  There a both modern and traditional styles in smooth, wood grain and stucco textures and a variety of installations mimicking traditional wood siding for the following looks:

    It offers homeowners and business homeowners the look of real wood siding, is very fire resistant, easy to install and it can be painted to suit any color of your choice. Durability is also a reason to use this product as it will not rot or decay.  Contact us for your fiber cement siding northwest AR project.   We are experts in installing fiber cement siding Fayetteville AR and have many satisfied customers there. 


    Have A Fiber Cement Siding Northwest AR project?


    As opposed to a solid brick wall, brick veneer wall construction has a cavity behind it and the structural component is the wood studs or steel construction.  Brick veneer is typically made up of full bricks and thus provides a robust material as far as durability and  longevity are concerned.  Thin bricks are a new type of material that has recently come to market in the last decade and provide for additional uses and efficiencies in the wall and footing design. One misconception that most people do know realize is that brick is not a waterproof material.   Brick is made of fired clays and is laid in a bed of mortar.  This mortar is wicking and allows water to enter the wall cavity thru a capillary action that must be mitigated  by properly waterproofing the cavity using a weather barrier such as the fluid applied weather barrier that we also specialize in.  At the bottom of the wall are open head joints in the brick that allow for water to weep out of the wall as it breathes.  Knowing how to properly install a brick veneer and waterproof the cavity is an expertise that implement in all of our brick veneer projects.  Contact us today a quote on any masonry project that you are considering.


    As opposed to a solid stone wall, stone veneer wall construction also has a cavity behind it (like brick veneer) and the structural component is most often of either masonry, wood studs or steel construction.  Stone veneer is heavy, as it is typically made up of full stones (native or manufactured) and therefore it provides a robust material as far as durability and  longevity are concerned.  As with brick, a misconception that stone veneer is a waterproof material often can lead people to skimp or leave out the proper waterproofing required.   Stone is laid in a bed of mortar, which is wicking and allows water to migrate into the wall cavity.  Preparing the wall cavity for this water intrusion is required to deter mold and deterioration of the buildings structure.  Utilizing a fluid applied weather barrier or sheeting is a requirement when installing a material like a stone veneer and because we understand the importance of this membrane, we also install those as well.

    Incorporating stone veneer as part of the exterior of your home or office is a great way to maintain a classic yet sophisticated look.  Stone veneer is available in many shapes and styles,  feel free to contact us to look at a catalogue of avaialble materials in this Area.

    Contact  Martin’s Plastering & Stucco Corp today to quote your stone masonry project.  Our stone siding contractors are highly skilled to tackle any project from start to finish.

    We like Hardiboard Siding

    ...and so will you

    You’ve likely heard of HardiBoard siding.   Hardiboard, is a fiber cement siding product manufactured and distributed by James Hardie Industries.  They are the largest manufacturer of fiber cement products in the world and stand behind their products with a great warranty.  Nichiha is another large fiber cement company that manufacturers a quality product and one that performs well.   Both are available in a variety or textures and colors, are superb, reliable and long-lasting siding products that are environmental friendly, easy to maintain and will provide an aesthetically pleasing exterior for your home or business. If you want to know more about Hardiboard siding then give us a call.   We would love to share with you the benefits of fiber cement siding Fayetteville, AR.


    Choosing the material for a residential or office siding is a tough one. Most homeowners and business owners are faced with this dilemma of choice. Our expert metal siding contractors can help you select the best choice of material to suit your needs and the building type, for the budget that you have. Metal Siding is a material we see being used more and more by customers designing a home or business with a modern or contemporary design flair. Metal siding is also very durable and long lasting.  There are a range of steel siding panels shapes and even textures. Contact us to discuss the metal siding options that we offer.

    Where else can I use Stone Veneer?

    Manufactured stone veneer is a fantastic material for areas such as a wainscot, on a pool house or in creating an outdoor kitchen.   We also have customers install it in basements, on fireplaces or create an accent wall in their homes.  It is a thinner material that can be used inside and out, has exceptional durability and is thinner in construction so weight of material is more easily accommodated.  The possibilities of uses for this product are vast, so if you have an idea for it, contact us and one of our stone siding contractors will happily discuss your ideas with you.

    If you are living in the Northwest Arkansas or surrounding areas and need home improvement using siding, talk to Martin’s Plastering & Stucco Corp today.

    Call Martin’s Plastering & Stucco Corp for all of your home exterior finish needs today!

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