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Have you experienced Venetian Plastering ARKANSAS?

Ever wanted to experience the look of an authentic palazzo in Venice, Italy? Venetian plaster originated in Venice and has gained widespread popularity in luxury homes.  Originally it was a method used in the time of the Roman Empire as a means to mimic natural stone surfaces inside of palazzos, villas, and even cathedrals. Local artisans would blend lime plaster, marble dust and pigments to create a plaster compound, then trowel it onto walls and ceilings in multiple thin layers with short, overlapping strokes. Today, highly skilled professional painters still use this authentic method to make venetian plaster, that will give your room that rich, authentic, historical look or luxury.  Contact the #1 NWA plastering contractor to discuss your interior plastering needs.

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Your Arkansas Home and business deserves Martin’s touch.  Plasterwork has been around for decades and has proven itself to be a timeless wall and ceiling finish material.  Plaster is more durable than drywall, has better sound deadening transfer properties and allows for a more creative expression in that it can be fashioned and formed in very artistic expressions. Curvilinear surfaces are where plastering shines.  Often, designs for wall and ceiling surfaces, such as with  domes, vaults and the underside of staircases are a logical consideration for plastering. Instead of meticulously and painstakingly constructing these curved surfaces out of complex framing (think ship construction) to adjust to the curvature, plastering techniques rendering this type of construction completely unnecessary, even inferior to a traditional plaster over lath, requiring only minimal framing.

We at Martin’s Plastering & Stucco Corp have kept up with this timeless skill and as a professional plastering contractor Fayetteville, AR, we can install and create walls and ceilings of various design complexities.  Call your expert plastering contractor today and see why we love plastering Arkansas.

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No matter what your plastering needs in and around Arkansas may be, your professional plastering contractor Northwest AR will assist you with a quote, professional advice and a perfect plastering installation at your home or buisiness.

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    Plastered ceilings were the standard for most houses in America. It has largely been replaced by drywall or plasterboard products like sheetrock because it is easier to construct and cheaper.   However, nothing can quite convey an aura of elegance like a plastered ceiling can; it is truly a distinctive look. Today, you can are able to plaster a ceiling in the traditional methods of construction or you can short-cut the process by installing plaster over drywall. Traditional installation involves covering the ceiling framing with OSB, adding a waterproof membrane and nailing a metal wire mesh lath over the membrane as tightly as possible.   A 3/8” thick “scratch coat” is then applied and scratched with the notched edge of the trowel as it begins to set up, then it is allowed to dry for approximately 48 hours.  Once the scratch coat is fully dry the “brown coat” of plaster is applied.   This layer contains a fine sand and is troweled on at about ¼” in thickness and it is brought to a smooth finish.   Both of these coats are to be dampened while drying to ensure that it dries evenly and without cracking.  After drying for 24 hours, a finish coat is spread thinner at 1/8” to ¼” in thickness and smoothed with the straight edge of the trowel.  Designs and textures are added in this final step.  As you can imagine, it can be a time consuming and very messy process but the results will make your ceiling say “WOW”!

    If you are looking for a plastering contractor Northwest AR then you can understand why it is important to hire a capable and reputable company.   Martin’s Plastering and Stucco Corp approaches every project with the high level of expertise needed to make your final product look amazing.

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    In general, plasterwork is time-consuming and requires artistic skills to achieve the desired look within and outside the home. To ensure that plastering is done well, you need to hire A NWA PLASTERING CONTRACTOR that is skilled and experienced.

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    Did someone make a hole in your wall?
    Need a plastering contractor Fayetteville, AR?

    Plasteris durable and will stand the test of time however there are circumstances that result in either a hole in your wall or a portion of plaster is damage.   When this occurs you need to have a plastering expert make the repair to prevent further headaches down the road or a visibly poor patch job that shows.  A highly skilled plastering craftsman can make the repair n a way that result in an unnoticeable patch.  You will likely need to repaint the wall though to truly hide it.  Contact a plastering contractor Fayetteville, AR that will treat your wall and ceiling repairs like it was their own and make you wall or ceiling beautiful again.
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